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Gina, BA – educator

A teacher by profession, Gina found a passion for working with children early on. Born in the Philippines, she has worked as a caregiver in Taiwan and Canada for over 16 years. Her clientele is diverse and she has experience managing both behavioural and medical needs. Her mission is to provide peace of mind for parents by providing an environment that supports learning through play, with an emphasis on creativity, moral responsibility, sharing and building a positive self image.


Current Certifications:

- Alberta Child Care Staff Qualification

- Alberta Child Development Assistant


- Police Clearance (vulnerable sector)

- Food Handling and Safety

Tom, BKin, MBA – consultant

Tom runs his own health care consulting business. His schedule allows him to support Gina as required on an ongoing basis. He ensures the home is safe and orderly and manages maintenance requirements in the 100 year old heritage home. A serious foodie, he stocks the pantry and oversees healthy snacks and meals on a daily basis. Tom believes that physical activity and outdoor experience is a cornerstone to development.


Tom is certified in First Aid, CPR and completes a Police Clearance (vulnerable sector) on an annual basis.

Maureen, BA – project manager

A Calgary-raised entrepreneur, Maureen understands firsthand the challenges inherent in selecting child care. She explored several day homes when her own son was born, but found that few were able to meet her expectations. As her career took off, her childcare needs became more critical, and the warm, caring, safe environment she was looking for seemed more elusive. Maureen and her husband Tom eventually decided to start the search for a nanny. Gina joined their family in 2010. 


Maureen is a tireless community builder and opening a day home to support other parents seemed a natural progression. She believes that people of any age are capable of great things.


Maureen is certified in First Aid, CPR, Food Handling and Safety and completes a Police Clearance (vulnerable sector) on an annual basis.

Seeton – grade five

I am a Soccer and Lego enthusiast, red haired, ten year old. Gina is a great person and I love growing up with her. She is nice to me and treats me well. I want other kids to feel like me. I met her when I was one year old. Now that I'm in grade five I can help the kids when they need me. I am old enough now to walk other kids up to our community school and I'm available to do odd jobs.

Java – mild mannered lab

Java is a ten year old Black Labrador Retriever who is known for her stellar behaviour, gentle demeanour

and for being happy about children and activity in the house. Java is always ready for a good belly rub from small or large hands, and will never refuse a game of fetch.

Roscoe - kitty cato

A lovely ragamuffin who found Autumn House to be a comfortable place to lay his head 18 years ago, he is a kind, gentle, older cat with whom the kids love playing. You will often find him basking in the centre of the action watching minds and hearts develop around him. 

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